Combine hunting and vacation, and follow us to a land that could not be more diverse and diverse: New Zealand - diverse vegetation, breathtaking mountain scenery, desert, freezing cold, overwhelming waterfalls, tropical rainforest, untouched nature, volcanoes and hot springs, coasts, Lakes and fjords, high mountains and glaciers, temperate to subtropical climate, long white sandy beaches ...

Aotearoa - the land of the long white cloud! Are not we all dreaming of the big wide world? Combine your hunting dreams with your dream of a long journey. New Zealand is worth a visit, if only because of its beautiful scenery and special diversity. On the North and South Island we find everything from the desert to the eternal ice everything the heart desires and the nature gives. New Zealand is not a country, which comes to mind first, if we want to hunt for chamois, tahr or red deer! We mostly think of kiwis, sheep and funny mountain parrots, the keas. And yet there are some of the world's strongest chamois in the Alps of New Zealand and some other very interesting wild species. About 800 years ago, more than 800 years before Abel Tasman's discovery of New Zealand in 1642, the Maori Polynesians settled in two main islands (North and South Island). Due to the excellent biotope requirements of New Zealand were shortly after the "discovery" of the islands by the English grazing animals exposed that found excellent conditions. In addition, some species of wild animals were settled, which lived extremely well in the mountainous regions and on the high alps of the New Zealand Alps and developed very good trophies; often better than in the home countries.

Tahr and deer
The Tahr belongs to an animal family, which is counted among the goats and consists of three subspecies. Some of the subspecies are threatened with extinction in their home countries and thus find a new safe home in New Zealand. The Tahr is a really fascinating wild species. The Tahr bulls have a very strong mane with over 20 cm long hair. The hunt for the Tahr and the Gams takes place in beautiful mountain regions. There are different hunting areas where in addition to the deer and red deer and some chamois occur. New Zealand is known, loved and well worth the trip for its very strong chamois, tears and decidedly capital red deer. Immerse yourself in the fascination of flora and fauna in New Zealand with us.